You’re probably kind of curious as to what this site actually is.

Let me explain.

Everyone that writes for this site has an insatiable passion for entertainment. There’s nobody here that started playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, decided to get a journalism degree, and report on the industry. We’ve been playing games, listening to music, and watching movies/tv all of our lives. That alone qualifies us to, at the very least, have an opinion about games, music, and movies.

Everyone on this site, whether it’s a writer or a guest writer, has also worked in the gaming industry, the music industry or in the entertainment retail industry. We know the excitement someone experiences when they find a game or series that they truly love, and we know the bitterness that they feel when they shell out the full price for a game, only to be burned by a shoddy product  filled with glitches, bugs, or a terrible story. We know what it feels like to tell someone about a movie that reshaped the way you thought about a particular subject or helped you through a difficult time. We know what songs shaped generations and made you shake your butt or spurred you on and gave you hope when your girlfriend/boyfriend dumped you.

We lived the retail life. We worked long hours, weekends, and holidays, just to bring our customers excitement. We’re not talking about being a retail jockey behind the register, either. We ran the stores. At some point in most of our careers, we ran stores that generated over a million dollars annually. However, we never cared about a bottom line, we only cared that the people that walked through our door left with what they came in for. If they left with something else, it’s because what they came in for sucked and they left with something better. Now, rather than stand behind the counter at a retail store, we’re coming out from behind the counter and sharing our opinions with the world.

You may notice that our previews, reviews, and posts are a bit different from other sites. Our experience is the reason why. With our game reviews, we want you to get a feel for them. Rather than focus on the story, we talk about what worked, what didn’t, and, most importantly, if it’s worth your hard earned cash. The same goes for movies and music. If we wouldn’t buy it or recommend it to our friends, chances are it won’t fare well here.

We rarely got a Christmas bonus working retail, and that sucked. Most of us had to leave our families to go to work to sell games and movies to kids who didn’t get the ones they wanted for Christmas. That’s where the name of the site comes from. We are the ones who worked during the holidays and didn’t get a Christmas bonus.

Today’s economy is shaky at best. You work hard for your money, and you should spend it on things that are worth your time. If we can help, we’ve done our job.

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